Sew & TEL – Telling the Story.

Working full time within the handmade community over the past two years, as I built my village, it became apparent that there was a missing piece in this creative puzzle.

The talented artisans I have engaged with over the years all have differing and amazing strengths, but business managers, bookkeepers, and marketing experts they often are not.” This idea has taken time to shape and a few friendly pushes from my artisan village to reach development. Guided by these artisans, it is an honour to now be changing my business direction to pursue this journey.

Using my management accounting and business operations experience, I will be joining forces with other industry professionals to get out the tools and unpick the handmade small business.

Sew & Tel will offer a platform with an extensive range of free resources and affordable options for more detailed services, including the chance to work one-on-one with your business. Artisans will be offered the right information, tools, encourage, and (importantly) ownership and involvement to get it right in their handmade business.

From a spark of an idea to specific targeted questions and tutorials. No topic will be off the cards.

It’s time to get the scissors (not the fabric shears!) and cut out the secrecy and hidden competitive nature within the handmade industry. Take the opportunity to collaborate with makers, suppliers, customers, and other industry professionals. With this platform, I want to make operating your own handmade business easier for you, while encouraging the recognition and respect that the handmade industry and each artisan deserves.

It’s going to be an exciting, pun-filled journey – thank you for coming along on the ride.

Chantel {Tel}